Monday, January 28, 2013

15 Months!

Ahh! Liam is now 15 months actual and 12 months adjusted.  Time seems to be flying by and we can't wait until Spring.  This past week we had Liam's 15 month appointment, here are some highlights!

Weight: 15lbs and 13oz
Height: 28 inches
Head: 18 inches

Size clothes: He is still in some 0-3/3-6 months but is slowly creeping towards 6 months! We have some 6 month outfits and they fit but the sleepers are still a bit too long.

Diaper size:  Size 2

Eating habits:  Liam is taking 2 oz of Neosure and 4oz of Pediasure at each bottle.  He takes between 5-6 bottles a day probably.  We are working towards 3 spoon feeds a day and 2 snacks.  His favorite foods are yogurt, puffs and this Gerber spoon able smoothie that's vanilla custard and bananas.

Sleeping habits:  Oh sleeping.  Lately sleeping is not Liam's strong suit.  He will fall asleep in his car seat and take decent naps but sleeping at night time is really tough.  He will not sleep in his crib or play pen for more than an hour.  So he sleeps by either being held by Clint or's terrible.  We've tried twice to break this habit and it's a daily struggle!

Milestones:  Liam is doing GREAT with taking steps! He can actually walk across his playard on his own.  It's amazing!  He is also speaking much more.  We are currently teaching him how to sign.

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