Monday, April 2, 2012

Fashion show

Today was Noah's fashion show at his preschool. We were told to bring clothes from mommy or daddy for your kiddo. I wasn't really sure what to expect but it was really adorable. Noah picked out this shirt that his daddy wears and paired it with a navy blue tie. I think he looked precious in it!

This is a video of him being announced at the fashion show.

I had no idea Noah wanted to be a pilot! It made me giggle. Too cute.

We actually took Liam to the fashion show and he did very well. He was quiet during the show and several moms glanced by and I was able to be the dotting mom. One of the grandparents guessed that Liam was 3 weeks old and she was shocked with my response that he is almost 6 months, hehe. Oh well, that's the first of many times I'm sure!

Noah was very proud to show off his brother, he loved showing the teachers his baby. After the fashion show the kids filled up on sweets brought by the parents (Noah insisted that I make rice krispie treats). It's sad to think that Noah's preschool days are almost over and that he starts Pre-K 4 in the fall, wah!

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