Monday, February 20, 2012

ER visit

Oh my sick baby!

Well it happened, we had our first ER visit outside of the NICU. I always feared having to go back into the hospital as I hear re hospitalization for a preemie is a big possibility during their first year of life.

It all started last Monday when Liam had a bit of congestion and had teary eyes. Noah was already sick so I decided to just take both of them in. Side note, Noah had an ear infection. Doh! One of his tubes came out but hey, they made us ear infection free for 2 years!

Anyway back to Liam, the doctor said that since he doesn't have a fever that there isn't much he can do and to bring him back on Monday if he isn't better. He said to make sure he is kept elevated to help with his congestion.

That night I went out and bought the Rock and Play Newborn Sleeper. All the new Mommy's swear by this thing so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give it a go. They didn't have this product when Noah was born. Well let me tell you, this thing is a life saver! If you are buying a gift for a new baby get this, I swear the new mom will love it!

The first few nights were rough with staying up almost all night and sucking his nose (or as Noah calls it "sucking his brains") with a nasal aspirator. Once the weekend hit he started to develop a cough. Great. At every cough, I would run to him like a crazy person to make sure he was ok.

By Sunday the cough turned into a nasty cough that would follow by some rapid breaths after. My mom was over and convinced me to take Liam to Childrens. This was a hard thing for me to do as I feel we just left the NICU and I feared he would be admitted and again we would be separated.

As I was packing things up for Liam before we left, Noah almost broke my heart.

"Mommy, why is Liam going to the hospital? Is he going back to the NICU? I don't want him to go back to the NICU, I want him to stay with me. Please don't take him back." I had to do my best to not start bawling, how sweet! I forget how much Liam being a preemie has affected Noah.

My mom went with me to Childrens Hospital and we waited a while to be seen. Once the doctor finally came in and examined Liam we were told it was just a cold. He said to continue what we were doing but if he started a fever to bring him back and if he isn't better by Thursday to bring him back to our pediatrician.

While I was glad it was just a cold, it's just sucks that I just have to let this run it's course. I hope he is back to his normal self in a few days! I can't wait till flu and RSV season is OVER!

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