Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Surgery and Recovery

Today Clint and I woke up pretty early to head to the hospital for Liam's surgery.

Noah slept at my parents house again, so that was a huge help in getting some good sleep.

We weren't told a definite time other than "late morning" so we wanted to make sure we were there to be able to see him off to surgery.

I was so incredibly nervous for the surgery. I just feel like he is still so tiny! He is only 4lbs after all.

We were able to go down with him and be with him until the last second before anesthesiology takes him. Poor baby kept on crying because he hasn't been fed since 3am and it was almost noon.

I help up pretty well until the end when I just started crying. My dad was with us and whenever my dad is around I feel very at ease and "together" but once we were in the room without my dad I just lost it. I was so nervous of the possibilities of the surgery and the chance of him coming back up with the ventilator.

I felt the surgery was one of the longest times of my life. The surgeon told us to expect an hour and a half and I tried to pass the time by playing on my ipad and frequenting the gift shop. It was close to 2 hours before the surgeon came out and told us everything went well and we will be able to see him soon. Thank God!

The surgeon told us that the surgery was so complicated that it took 3x the normal amount of time for the hernias. We were able to see him almost immediately and he was up and moving around. Liam wasn't on the vent either, phew! He had the saddest whimper I've ever heard! You could tell he was a bit in pain but was also very very hungry.

The doctors said if he was showing signs that he wanted to eat that we were allowed to give him a bottle, so we did just that and he took it like a champ. Once again, Liam amazed us.

We don't want to get our hopes up BUT the nurse said if he continues his feeds like he was that we may be able to go home as soon as FRIDAY. I think my jaw almost hit the floor because I figured Sunday and she was thinking Friday! I was so excited at this possibility.

Needless to say once Clint and I got home we started cleaning up and really getting the house ready for the possibility of Liam being home in the next 48 hours!

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Megan said...

That's wonderful news!!! Congrats, taking your little preemie home is the best feeling on this planet!