Monday, January 2, 2012

Reflection of 2011

Oh 2011, how I love and hate you! You have given me and taught me many things. You are definitely a year I will never forget. Let's go over the highlights.

Miscarriage and Pregnancy
In March I had another miscarriage but I was lucky enough to get pregnant again in April with Liam. I've learned heartache through my miscarriages but found such happiness in being pregnant. My pregnancy with Liam wasn't easy by any means but just being pregnant was such a blessing to happen after my 2 losses. I've learned that just because you are fortunate enough to get pregnant doesn't mean you will have a healthy pregnancy or a healthy baby. Never take a text book pregnancy or healthy baby for granted, ever.

Learning Patience
I'd love to say that this whole experience with Liam has made me a patient person but I'm fortunate enough to say it's making me learn patience. I'm learning that no matter how much you plan and organize your life, God has all control. I had to trust God and have patience when I was being rolled into my emergency c-section three months before my due date. I'm now learning patience every day as we get closer to bringing Liam home. I have to keep on saying to myself "Liam won't be in the NICU forever" and then I feel a sense of relief. I think once this is all said and done, I will be more patient than I was a year ago.

Going through my pregnancy and Liam's arrival has made me lean on my family more than ever. I could have never done this experience without my parents and my sisters. My mom has seen me cry and freak out more times since September than I can count. My mom has watched Noah daily since Liam has been in the NICU. I'm so very lucky to have the family that I do, 2011 has made me realize this.

I'm happy to say adios to 2011 and have big hopes for 2012. In 2012, we will take Liam home from the NICU.

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