Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Helicopter Ride

For over 90 days we were told in the NICU Liam would be transferred to Children's Hospital via ambulance for his hernia surgery. Then, all of a sudden we were told he would be transferred via helicopter. Yes, you read right... HELICOPTER. If you are familiar at all with the New Orleans area you know that the distance between EJ and Children's Hospital is about 9 miles. 9 miles for a helicopter ride, seriously?

We weren't happy of the thought of our micro preemie son taking his first helicopter ride without us, it was just unsettling. Clint was very against it and told the doctors he wasn't a fan of the idea. We were told the day before the transfer that Liam would be transferred via ambulance. Phew!

We slept very well Monday night as Noah had a slumber party at my parents and we thought Liam would be going via ambulance. We woke up Tuesday and once we arrived to EJ we instantly heard the helicopter as we opened our car door. "Do you hear that?" Clint asked me. I was like "Oh well I'm SURE it's for someone else, transfers happen all the time. Right?". WRONG. Clint and I walked as fast as we could to the NICU to see Liam.

Once we arrived all of his belongings were packed up along with breastmilk and he was ready to go! He was actually sitting in his car seat just hanging out. We frantically asked questions to the nurses and all of a sudden the stretcher comes in the room with tanks attached and they were ready to take Liam. It was a lot to take in before 8AM for sure.

I felt that we were in full speed, we quickly signed releases as they whisked Liam away. I also had a lactation nurse come in asking me how pumping is going...what? C'mon lady, don't you see the stretcher for my son? Now is NOT the time.

We walked as fast as we could to the car in hopes to watch the helicopter leave. Luckily we made it in time and Clint was able to get it on video...listen closely to hear me sobbing in the background.

Once we arrived to Children's we were told he was safe and sound but we had to go to admitting to fill out paperwork for insurance and what not. I felt like it took forever and I was so anxious to see Liam. We finally were able to see him in the NICU and Children's NICU is so different. Not bad different or even better different just different.

That's when all the questions started. We were asked questions by our nurse, the resident in charge, a resident with a group of medical students, the surgeon, nutritionist and the anesthesiologist. I was asked all sorts of things from my moms anesthesia history, to my miscarriages, to my pregnancy with Noah...you name it! I feel like I told my medical and fertility background to a million different strangers.

By the end of the day I was so exhausted and emotionally drained. I was also a ball of nerves, I felt the same as the days before my emergency c section. I was just so full of fear and thinking of all outcomes (good and bad). After we spoke to the whole medical team, we were told there was a big chance Liam would come back up still on the vent and I wasn't a fan of that considering he was only on the vent for 8 days.

Noah slept at my parents house again on Tuesday night since we wanted to have a good nights sleep. I was so tired I just came home and passed out on my couch for an hour and a half. Stay tuned for my post about his surgery.

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Heather said...

thinking of you guys - still checking in on your blog...sadly, we went to a different hospital in New Orleans when we were transferred...but the story is very similar (with respect to transportation). Mary Louise was transferred via JET on the 4th of July for a non-emergent eye surgery. She wasn't even SEEN by the doc for 2 days! Oh good gracious. What a time...again - very best wishes that things are going well and that you'll ALL be home soon!