Sunday, December 4, 2011


Liam has had quite a few transfusions in his NICU journey and unfortunately he had to have another one this past weekend. I always get nervous when he needs one but his blood work showed he was in need and also his complexion wasn't "pink enough". They put an IV in his head and that

Also, Liam is on a continuous feeding tube but they are going to switch him to bolus feedings and see how he does. They will start off first with feeding him for an hour and a half and then rest for an hour and a half. If he does well with that they will then feed for 1 hour and rest for 2 and if he does well with that then they will feed for a half hour and rest for 2 and a half hours. This is in preparation of being able to digest food in 30 minutes because once he starts bottle feeding they will only try to give him a bottle for 30 minutes because anything past that will burn more calories than he is gaining through feeding.

Wish us luck this week!

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