Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Brother Day

Today Noah finally got to "meet" Liam! I have to say all of Liam's nurses are incredible but some are just outstanding. Today his nurse said that we could bring Liam in the well baby nursery so Noah could see him through the glass. I was shocked and SO excited.

I couldn't believe that after 8 long weeks Noah could finally "see" Liam. He doesn't show much interest when we talk of Liam because it's hard for him to really realize he is real since he can only see him through pictures and videos.

I was able to hold Liam while Clint was with Noah during the viewing. As soon as Noah saw him I could tell how excited he was. We put Liam's hand up to the glass and Noah held his hand through the glass, it was adorable and I got a bit misty eyed I'll admit!

After we visited I decided to interview Noah on his meeting with Liam and this is what he had to say.

It was such an exciting day and I can't wait for them to actually meet and hold hands not through the glass.

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