Monday, November 14, 2011

A simple congrats

Today I went for a massage. Ahhh. It was heavenly. I've had this gift card since Valentines Day but hadn't cashed it in yet. Call me crazy but I had a massage right before I conceived with my ectopic pregnancy so of course my psycho mommy brain told me to stay away from it until I got pregnant...and then I never got to use my gift card for a prenatal massage because Liam came so soon.

Well anyway, I got off topic. I had to fill out some paperwork for the massage and one listed surgeries and date so I had to list the c section. The massage therapist saw it was recently and told me so enthusiastically "Congrats!".

It was so nice to just hear congrats without having to explain how premature Liam was and our current situation of being in the NICU. I didn't hear many congratulations or if I did it was followed with worried questions about Liams condition. It was nice just to say "thank you" in response without having to talk in depth about everything.

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