Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Puss In Boots

Last week I decided to take Noah to the movies. He loves the Shrek movies and has been seeing Puss In Boots being advertised so I thought it would be a nice treat to go to the movies.

The only other time we went to the movies was last summer when we saw Toy Story 3 and well that didn't go so well. He wouldn't sit down and really watch the whole movie hence is why I haven't taken him back in over a year.

Well he was good for about half the movie until we ran out of popcorn. Who knew Noah was such a popcorn fanatic? I bought him the kids pack and he munched through that bag mid way through the movie (ok, ok I may have had a few handfuls!). Once we ran out he became enraged...I mean really really upset!!!

"Mom, can we get more popcorn?" Noah said VERY loudly in the theater. I told him that I think we had enough treats in between the popcorn, fruit snacks and the sprite. Well Noah got very angry with me and said his newest and favorite phrase "Why won't you buy me any more pop corn? Is it because you HATE me?". Umm, what? HATE you?

What a nice thing to say in a dark theater filled with other parents with their kids. I was totally embarrassed. I kept on telling him that I didn't hate him but we had enough popcorn. His moaning and crying went on throughout the rest of the movie. Yikes. Then he had to potty towards the end, it was literally the last 5 minutes of the movie!

Next time I'm getting a large popcorn...I'm kidding! :)

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JennySays said...

hahahaha awww sorry for laughing. i love Noah's phrases. kids say the darndest things