Thursday, November 3, 2011

Peek A Boo!

Today I went and visited Liam once Clint got home from work. My mom has been sick this week so she hasn't been able to watch Noah so Clint and I could go together so trying to divide up time has been a bit challenging on days when Noah doesn't have preschool.

Well I went today for a little while once Clint got home from work. Once I got there Liam was looking so great! I declined on holding him since he hasn't tolerated it well the past few times but I hope I will be able to hold him tomorrow.

He was very alert and was looking all around. Check it out!

I was noticing that he was having some trouble trying to open up his left eye so I addressed it to the nurse like a typical nervous mommy. She said she has noticed it but it's not very alarming unless he starts having some discharge. I then got a warm gauze pad and gently wiped his eye in hopes to help it. It didn't seem to help so he may possibly have a clogged tear duct which is fairly common in preemies.

I kept on saying "Peek a boo Liam! Peek a boo!" and at times I could see a faint smile. He is really starting to respond to my voice and try to look for me. It's awesome to see him being so responsive to my voice. It really melts my heart.

The visit was pretty uneventful, which was good! No news is good news in his situation.

Once I got to the NICU I noticed that 2 families were discharged. One of the families was there before I delivered Liam, so he has been there the longest as of late. It's easy to get jealous of families who have came in after Liam's birth who have already left. However, instead I try to get excited for them because I know when I'm able to take my baby boy home it will be the best feeling. I can't wait to come home and to be able to hold him whenever I want to when he isn't hooked up to all those machines. It's going to be the best day. I really can't wait. The days so far seem to be flying by! Hopefully I can say the same thing in another 3 weeks. Each day is a day closer to him being home.

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