Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Party Time!

As you can usual see by Liam's pictures, he is almost 90% sleeping in his isolette. A few times he will open his eyes and move around a bit but that's about the most active we have ever seen him...until tonight!

My dad has been sick for the past few weeks with the cold that we have all had so he hasn't seen Liam in quite some time. My dad couldn't get over how different Liam looks, he was really impressed and Liam seemed to really like my dads voice.

As soon as I walked up to Liam's crib he was WIDE awake and moving all around, check it out for yourself.

The next video just makes me so happy. You forget he is almost a month old because he is so tiny but here he is moving around like a 1 month old baby.

I love his little sneezes and yawns, too sweet!

This visit was at night, so maybe Liam is a night owl? It was so great to see him moving all around and even smiling! He looked like such a happy baby.

Looking like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers!

I just love visits like this. I know he can't be active and moving all around the two times a day I visit but it's so nice when he actually locks eyes with you and responds to you. It was so great. The older he gets the more active he will be!

I think maybe he was just trying to show off for his Paw Paw! :)

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