Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Brother Is A Preemie

We were recently given a book titled "My Brother Is A Preemie". Let me just tell you, this book is a great way to explain to Noah what is really going on in the NICU with Liam and the pictures are awesome! They have the isolette with a baby in it, they show a monitor and doctors/nurses. Noah really likes it. If you need a gift for a new big brother/sister to a preemie, I highly suggest it!

Noah wanted to bring it to school today to show his class but I wanted to make sure the teachers were OK with this first because I can't imagine how hard it would be to tell 10 other 3 year olds what a preemie is! They said they would love to read it to the class so Noah is so excited to bring it to school the week after Thanksgiving!

Noah now tries to recite the book. It's adorable! I am trying to read it every night to him in hopes that he can recite it on Thanksgiving to our family, I think it would be a nice treat and you can bet that I'll video tape it! It would be so sweet to play it for sweet Liam when he is older.

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