Friday, November 4, 2011

Many visits but no snuggle time

Today I went to the NICU three times. I feel like I ran all day and still didn't get to hold him.

I dropped off Noah at preschool then headed to the NICU and Liam was looking so great. His coloring was perfect and he was just adorable. We got a great report from the doctor as well. Oh and remember yesterday about the clogged tear duct? Well today Liam had both of his eyes open and was looking all around. Yahoo!

Today Ann planned on coming to see Liam and then we were going to grab some lunch. Since I got to the NICU earlier than I thought I decided to pump to get it out of the way. While I was pumping I got a text from Ann saying she was on her way, so perfect timing!

It's great having a friend to show off your little man to! Ann saw Liam while I was still in the hospital so it's been almost 3 weeks since she saw him. She couldn't get over how great he looked, it really boosted my spirits!

As soon as I got in the car from the NICU I realized I left my tubing to the pump in the pumping room...doh! Thankfully Clint called them and they got the tubes and I was able to pick them up after lunch before I got Noah from school.

The visit was literally a run in and run out. I was able to talk to him for a while and he looked at me and opened his little eyes. It gets me every time! :)

Once Clint got home from work I rushed back to the NICU. I was itching to hold him so badly since I haven't held him since earlier in the week. I wasn't in there for 5 minutes and I had to leave. They got a call saying they were having an admit and everyone had to leave the NICU. So, I didn't get to hold Liam again today. Boo.

This is a side note but I feel it's important that I write about it. While I was in the NICU today a guest who was visiting kept on gawking at Liam. It's kind of an unspoken rule that guests don't ask about other babies while in there and especially not ask the mother. I realize my baby is very small and probably the smallest baby most people have seen but that doesn't mean you need to peer into his isolette and ask me a million questions.

I'm happy to talk about it with you but don't act like my baby is a freak show. Don't gawk and get all big eyed when I respond to your question of how much he weighs and then freak out even more when you hear how much he weighed at birth. And hey, I'm not saying I probably wouldn't have done the same thing she did but being on the other side just made me feel a bit defensive. It's like a momma bear was coming out!

In hopes to help others, I found a great post on a message board I frequent. It has some great info on what to say and what not to say. Check it out by click on this link!

So alas, I didn't get to hold Liam today but I have high hopes for tomorrow!

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