Friday, October 7, 2011


What a relief, no c section today! Halleluiah!

The appointment wasn't great but just having the weekend to digest the fact that I may have a baby next week is greatly appreciated.

In the ultrasound today we noticed reversed blood flow in some parts of the cord, which isn't good. My doctor thinks we will deliver some time next week. I was told to not eat 8 hours before any of my appointments (I go Monday, Wednesday and Friday) just in case of a c section. I'm beyond nervous and I really hope for a miracle and that this baby has gained weight, my fluids are the same or better, the blood flow is good and we can stall a delivery a bit longer.

At the appointment I asked if I could speak to any staff from the NICU. My doctor was very accommodating and called a NICU nurse practitioner. I can't even being to explain how sweet this lady was. She answered EVERY question we had (and boy did I have a lot) and explained it in the most understanding terms.

Was I scared? Heck yeah. I asked her about his weight with survival and she said it's not so much focused on weight, which made me feel a bit better since he is still measuring under a pound. If we deliver closer to Wednesday/Friday he will be about 28 weeks which are great odds. She did say that with a baby that small that we can expect a very long NICU stay. She said in her experience she has seen a baby born around the same weight as mine stayed for over 140 days.

I have to say if the other staff is half as nice as this nurse was I'll be in great hands. She really made me feel more at ease about everything. I did get sad when she said that Noah would never be able to visit him while in the NICU. I'm not sure how Noah will understand why Mommy/Daddy are going to the hospital every day and he can't go.

Hopefully my appointment on Monday goes fine. My doctor is out that day so I am seeing her partner and I'm pretty sure my OB is also out so I really hope that Monday isn't "the day". Facing a delivery without either of my doctors scares me too much!

As usual, please continue to pray for us! We definitely need a miracle in every sense of the word.

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