Thursday, October 20, 2011

Papa Smurf

One of the nurses that was in the OR when Liam was delivered refers to him as "Papa Smurf", since he was blueish in color and had tons of hair all over him.

Since Noah was obsessed with Smurfs about a month ago I was telling him how the nurse called Liam Papa Smurf. I was hesitant to tell him because I was afraid he would be upset knowing his baby brother was blue but he asked another question instead.

"The baby had a BEARD?" he asked. My mom, Clint and I all began to laugh so hard...which isn't good when you just had a c section mind you! I replied that no he didn't have a beard when he was born.

"Well, he grew a beard and has a beard now? Babies can have beards?" he asked and again we all just laughed and laughed. It's so funny he was more worried about Liam having a beard than being blue. It's crazy how a 3 year old brain works.

Do you see a resemblance?

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