Friday, October 21, 2011

Eyes, Cries and Ventillators

Today was the first time I saw Liam with his eyes WIDE open. I even asked the nurse the day before "do preemies this early open their eyes yet?" and she went on to tell me he had them open for hours earlier. Doh! I missed it! So, I was so happy that I saw him with his eyes open today.

They were the cutest little eyes I've ever seen. Seeing him looking at me just made me feel so happy inside. I finally got to lock eyes with my little bitty baby. It was so awesome.

Another first was...hearing him cry! When he was delivered I heard 2 small squeaks but I never heard him cry. To really hear it I had to open the isolette but it was the smallest cry I've ever heard. It resembled a kitten. It was so sad to hear him cry but then again I was happy to "hear" him!

And the biggest news of all...Liam is OFF the ventilator! Amazing! I had no idea within a week of his birth he would be breathing on his own. He is really a miracle. Every day I go I fall more and more in love with him.

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