Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Surviving Bed Rest, 2 weeks down

While I was looking for tips to stay sane on bed rest, I actually came across a website labeled Bed Rest is Hell. I couldn't help to laugh and agree with the funny title.

I was on bed rest with Noah but I was much further along. This go 'round of going on bed rest at 24 weeks is pretty scary. Before you think bed rest is all fun and games, think again.

You always have something to worry about, you aren't on bed rest just for any reason. You are on bed rest for your baby so you always have the thought in your head that you are either doing too much or too little and maybe this is hurting the baby. Every twitch, ache, pain you have you think "Uh Oh! Did I cause that?".

Not to mention the guilt and frustration of relying on everybody else to do just about everything for you. Laundry, cleaning, cooking and driving are all things I've had to give up lately. Luckily, I was given the green light to at least make myself a sandwich or something quick "anything less than 5 minutes on your feet" per doctors orders. I have to say it's been pretty weird only leaving the house twice in 2 weeks.

Just not being at work for 2 weeks has been so bizarre, I have to say I miss it. I miss being productive and being at work. I also miss my lunch dates with Ann, a Cheesecake lunch date is much needed once I return back to work.

Below are a list of things that have kept me sane over the past 2 weeks:

Facebook: I can chat and keep myself up to date with friends and family. The chat feature is great and I love how I can keep in touch with people.

Pintrest: I've become obsessed with Pintrest. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. I've found a lot of recipes on there (and Clint has made 2 this week!), adorable craft ideas and fun things to do with Noah during the holidays. I spend way too much time on it daily.

The Bump: An online community with message boards where I go daily to read posts about all things pregnancy and/or baby related.

Netflix: I've recently started watching the series Greek. I'm not sure where I was to have never seen this show before. I've been giving recommendations to start up Weeds next. Being able to watch seasons without commercials is really amazing.

DVR: I've basically DVR'd every show that just started this season. I watch just about everything and again, watching it without commercials is just great.

Books: I'm not a big reader of books, I mostly read magazines. However, I've started a book that I read every night that I look forward to reading. It helps pass the time and I'm anxious to see what's next (it's a mystery, oooo!).

Noah: I've been able to spend a lot of time with Noah over the past 2 weeks. He has been a great helper getting me waters out of the fridge and learning to fully dress himself (minus me helping him with shoes). We've spent much more time together over the past 2 weeks and that makes me happy.

A thing I've realized while on bed rest is that someone always has it worse off. I'm lucky that I'm on bed rest at home and not in the hospital. I'm staying positive for the most part and can't wait to get past my "goals" and to have this precious baby boy. He just needs to keep on baking...till I at least finish a series or two on Netflix. :)

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ARH said...

I Loooooove Greek. I cried during the series finale! I watched all 8 seasons of Scrubs on Netflix while I nursed during the first few months. Haha!

I remember how much it sucked relying on everyone else. I had a REALLY hard time with that while I was on bedrest.

I've been enjoying my words with friends games with you! Hopefully he can keep on cooking for a long time!