Sunday, September 25, 2011

Appointment Update

I had my high risk appointment this week. These appointments come with a lot of anxiety and emotions for me. On one hand I'm excited to see the baby again during an ultrasound...but then on the other hand I'm terrified of receiving any bad news.

Last week I finally got the blood results from my 16 vials of blood. Comes to find out that I have a MTHFR gene mutation. It's a bit confusing so here is a link if you wish to read up on it.

I received this news from a nurse on a Friday afternoon and both of my doctors were already gone for the day. Google wasn't my friend. MTHFR gene mutation is linked a lot to spina bifida, anencephaly, and a bunch of other birth defects. I then spent the whole weekend freaking out over the possibilities this gene mutation has on my baby.

I felt reassured once I spoke to my OB on Monday and then followed up with my high risk doctor on Wednesday. It's a blood clotting disorder that I've had since birth. My body doesn't break down folic acid like it should, so I am taking some extra meds to help this. My doctor did say this may have been a factor in my miscarriages.

Well fast forward till Wednesday at my high risk appointment. The appointment started off with having another ultrasound done by the tech. I swear the ultrasounds feel as if they are 30 minutes...and when the tech isn't saying anything you are thinking the worst! She did tell us that the baby has gained 3oz in 2 weeks! YAY! That's great but the baby is still measuring behind.

My doctor then came in and did another ultrasound for what seemed like an eternity. She then asked again if we were certain on our due dates, which we are since we had early dating ultrasounds. She then begin to tell us that all the measurements are a few weeks behind except for the brain which is exactly where it should be. She is pretty convinced that my blood pressure problems have been the culprit for the baby not growing as it should.

She then made note that my fluid levels were low...which I was shocked by because I swear I drink water non stop! Next, she was looking at the blood flow to the baby and seemed concerned which is when I got scared. I'm sure there is a specific term for this but I don't know what it is. On a chart it should have constant peaks and the blood flow to the baby was a peak and then a pause, then a peak and then a pause, etc.

Once my doctor went over the blood flow with me she put me on bed rest. Ugh. Yes, bed rest already. I couldn't believe it. I knew due to my high blood pressure it was a possibility but I thought I would be put on bed rest much later like I was with Noah...not before 30 weeks.

Before I left the appointment I was given a steroid shot to help mature the baby's lungs. I then had to go back for another shot the next day. It's scary to be given this shot because I really don't want to deliver a baby soon, I want the baby's lungs to be developed on his own.

If you have any extra thoughts or prayers you can spare, I'd greatly appreciate them. I go to one of my doctors every week, I either see my regular doctor or my high risk.

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Brooke Hemmelder said...

My friend Erin has the same gene thing as you! She and her husband just welcomed their little boy, Liam, to the world this past summer. He was born at 32 weeks at almost FOUR AND HALF POUNDS! After a few weeks in the hospital, he's home and thriving. If you need someone to talk to, I'm sure she'd be happy to lend you an ear. I hope you're resting well. Rub that belly for me. Lots and lots and lots of prayers being said for all of you.