Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another week down!

Wednesday's come with much anticipation, excitement and fear. For the past few weeks I'm either seeing my regular OB or my high risk doctor every Wednesday. My OB appointments are very easy, just the normal routine that consists of weight, blood pressure check, fetal heart rate, etc. We also go over the notes from the previous week with my high risk doctor.

Clint and I were actually told that we ask more questions than their med students last week, we google all our questions all week and have a TON every week for either doctor. My OB is so sweet and we never feel rushed and she answers every question and tries to explain it in the best way possible to us. We obviously had a lot of questions after last week and we left in good spirits today.

Neither doctor really knows the number one factor as to why the baby is measuring small. However, she did say that I need to be prepared that any time I go see the high risk doctor and the baby isn't growing/thriving then we would have an immediate delivery. It would be determined that the baby would thrive more outside of the womb than me staying pregnant. Hopefully this is MANY weeks away!!!

I asked my doctor what our "goal" was. I'm a person who lives by my calendar and is a bit controlling in that sense, so this whole situation makes me feel very much out of control. She said, our next goal is 28 weeks. Well, I'm 26 weeks tomorrow so that's just a mere 2 weeks away. I hope I surpass this goal with flying colors.

As usual, if you have any extra thoughts or prayers to send my way please do. I need them!

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