Monday, August 22, 2011

"We only have vitamins"

Last week I was changing Noah's shirt at my mom's house and we noticed some red bumps and within minutes many more popped up. My mom and I immediately thought hives or some sort of allergic reaction to something. Thankfully the doctors office was still open when I called. I'm glad I live so close to the pediatrician office that it was a 5 minute car ride.

As soon as Noah saw the nurse he started his chatter. "I have red bumps ALL ON MY BACK and they itch, and they are on my face too!" he told her with such urgency. Take note, he didn't have red bumps on his face. All the nurse could do was just comment on how talkative he was. I have no idea who he gets it from.

We then waited to see the doctor. Take note, this is a new doctor that Noah has never met. You never would have thought that he has only been to this office once before because he acted like he owned the place!

Before the doctor could even introduce her self, Noah decided to introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Noah. I'm three. I have red bumps on my back that itch and they are on my face too! Oh, and my throat hurts!" he began to tell her. She giggled and started examining Noah.

Turns out they are just some serious bug bites. She began to tell us to give Benadryl and went over the dosage. "But we don't have Benadryl at my house, we only have vitamins. I have Superhero vitamins. They are gummy vitamins...but they aren't gummies. They aren't a snack, they are vitamins". For the record, we do have Benadryl in the house.

Noah just spoke non stop to the doctor, it was as if I wasn't even there! Maybe I can just start dropping him off? Hehe.

The doctor prescribed some ointment and his bug bites are doing better!

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