Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And so it begins...

Last weekend I had to pee non stop. I know, I know...pregnant women pee all the time but this was much more frequent than that. I called my doc and she told me to come in and give a urine sample. The urine sample showed a high white blood cell count, so she gave me some meds to treat a urinary tract infection.

Well, little did I know going in that day that my UTI was the least of my problems. Once I got there they always take my blood pressure and today it was rather high. Please take note that with my current miscarriages and regular appointments I've had my blood pressure checked for the past consecutive 6 months before I was pregnant. I had no issues of high blood pressure.

I had pre-eclampsia with Noah but I didn't develop this until much later in pregnancy. I was put on bed rest and delivered Noah at 37 weeks. I always knew it was a risk to take in getting pregnant again but I had no idea I'd be dealing with this issue so early on.

I was told to take my blood pressure daily and keep a log of my numbers. They were pretty high all week but I was told to do it for 1 week and then call my doctor. I did just that.

I called yesterday with my numbers and they wanted me to come in later that day. I went in and my blood pressure was still high. They ordered an ultrasound to make sure the baby was OK. Everything checked out and the baby was fine but we didn't get to see the gender (baby had his/her legs crossed). I had a gender reveal party set for this Friday that we now need to postpone. Bummer!

I also had to do some blood work and a 24 hour urine catch to make sure I'm not spilling protein into my urine and that my kidney's are working the way they should. The doctor also gave me medicine to help lower my blood pressure.

So that's the plan for now! To take my blood pressure meds and go back next Monday. Hopefully next Monday we can make an appointment for an ultrasound to see what gender #2 is!

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