Sunday, June 12, 2011

Potty Training Report!

I think Noah may have read my blog this week...b/c all of a sudden potty training just stuck! I've always heard that when THEY are ready, they are ready! That really pertains to Noah.

:disclaimer, this is typical Mommy talk and if the thought of pee and poop doesn't sit well with you I suggest you stop reading now:

On Wednesday I brought up the idea of potty training again. By surprise, Noah didn't respond with his usually "No, no thank you Mommy!" instead he accepted the challenge. Yahoo!

That night we had no accidents! Thursday no pee pee accidents...but oops on a number 2 accident! It happened while I was at work so my poor mom had to clean it up, sorry Mom.

Friday no accidents at all. He even went to the dentist without a diaper on, our first real outing without a diaper and no accidents.

Yesterday we ran errands all day and NO accidents! He even did #2 on the potty.

I'm so amazed by my little boy, he is all grown up all of a sudden. I hope it continues! Wish us luck!

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