Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wiggin' Out

I love anything that involves wigs. Even one Mardi Gras I wore one on the Endymion route just for fun.

With that being said, I loved the idea of doing a "Wigging Out" theme for Angela's bachelorette party. When I mentioned it to Angela she said it sounded fun and gave her stamp of approval.

Jenna and I had a blast sending each other links of outrageous wigs and once ours came in we immediately sent pictures to each other. We were ready! Angela wanted her wig to be a surprise and all she told me was that she wanted it to be short.

We started the night off at Ann's apartment with some sangria, margaritas and Mexican food. We played a game called pin the junk on the hunk, it was hilarious. Just about everyone came in wigs including Ms.Marilyn! It was too cute and the 1st time I saw her with a different 'do in 20 years!

Earlier that day Jade and I had a blast picking out the most obnoxious panties for Angela! Angela got some cute lingerie/panties and Ann gave her a nice moo moo! A bachelorette gift wouldn't be complete without our famous penis gun. I received one on my bachelorette, so it was only fitting to pass down the tradition.

After we finished up our party, we headed to the French Quarter. On the way we did Bachelorette Mad Libs, too funny. Jenna accidentally forgot her ID, so no Pat O's for us! We ended up hopping around the quarter to different bars and heard 2 pretty good 80s band (I may be bias b/c I'm an 80s fan!) and then we ended up at a bar and stayed there pretty much all night.

Let me tell you, these girls are party animals! I started to get a bit tired 3:30AM (Momma can't hang!) but everyone else was going wild. I called Clint to come and get me (he even had to bring Noah in the car, I felt terrible!) around 4:30 because everyone else was still ready to party. I'm glad Clint came to get me because I think they finally called it a night around 6:30.

It was a fun night with tons of synthetic hair and over priced drinks!

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