Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Just a month ago we were in beautiful Rosemary Beach. Ahh, it already seems like it was so long ago. The beach was absolutely gorgeous! Check it out for yourself.

Noah likes the pool...but he LOVES the beach. He could sit out there for hours just playing in the sand and sitting in the water. It's his favorite thing.

But enough about the beach! We were in Rosemary Beach for Angela's wedding. Hooray!

First let me just state that Angela made a gorgeous bride!

For her venue, Angela just received the keys and that's it. She had to do everything for the wedding and everything was amazing. She paid attention to every detail and everything was just lovely. Everyone had a great time!

After their big day, they then were off to Italy! From the looks of their pictures they had a great time and Amalfi is definitely on my bucket list. Congrats to the newly married couple!

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