Friday, April 1, 2011

Cake Balls...Amazeballs!

I'm sure you have seen those adorable cake pops, right? The ones Bakerella has made super popular? They have gotten so much buzz that Starbucks even has their own spin off of cake balls.

Since I visit Starbucks daily, Noah sees the sign for them 5 times or more in one week (sorry, some days are just a double Starbucks day...don't judge!). Every day Noah screams for them "Mommy, please give me a cake pop...PLEASE?". I've given into him asking me on more than one occasion but each one of these beauties are $1.50.

I know, I know $1.50 doesn't break the bank but seriously you get maybe 2 bites, well more if you have a toddler sized mouth like Noah. Last Friday, I came up with the idea that I will make cake balls for Noah since I felt guilty for not giving in and buying him one.

I luckily had left over chocolate in red and blue from his birthday party and some cake mix and icing in the pantry. The cake balls I've tasted were red velvet and just vanilla cake. What I had was chocolate frosting and vanilla cake mix. It didn't sound like a good combo but it was late on a Friday night and I didn't feel like leaving the house, so what I had was just going to work.

Here are the instructions for cake balls...super easy! They were very yummy too. One of my friends even said they were amazeballs! This is definitely my new easy to go to sweet tooth recipe for parties in the future. I plan on making many different combos! Carrot cake w/cream cheese for Easter is next on the agenda. Mmm.


Brooke Hemmelder said...

I LOVE making cakeballs! I've baked one chocolate cake and one vanilla cake and made SIX different types of cakeballs. With the help of flavorings, I made chocolate peanut butter, german chocolate, coconut, almond/wedding, choc/vanilla combo, and double chocolate. Talk about a hit at parties!!! I'm going to be making some for Ava's birthday party too. They're so easy and so pretty once they're finished. My next big try will be to make pineapple upsidedown cake ones. I'm thinking the pineapple upside down cake with condensed milk for moisture.... Mmmmm!

Kelly said...

I love the cake balls at Starbucks!! And where are the instructions? I want to make some!! Haha. And... no one judges you about hitting up the coffee shop a few times a day. I usually go to PJ's at lunch and then Puccinos at night to study. I drink a LOT of coffee too!!

Kelly said...

I love the cakeballs at Starbucks!!! And where are the instructions to make them? I dont see them!! And Mary... We all hit up the coffee shops numerous times a day!! No one is judging.