Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Starbucks Fairy

It's a known fact I start every work day with a Starbucks. My mother and I are both terribly addicted to Starbucks. My mom even makes more than 1 trip a day on most days.

My mom is a much more traditional coffee drinker than I am. I switch my order up quite frequently between lattes, iced coffees and fraps. However, my moms order never changes. Noah can recite my moms order including her milk and how many equals she takes in her coffee and usually does every morning.

I'm lucky that on some nights my mom will come and drop off a coffee when she does her 2nd run of the day. It's a great surprise since I never really know when I'll get the call that the fairy is coming. This is just another example of how my mom rocks!

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