Sunday, March 20, 2011


My sister just had her fourth baby and the sex was the surprise. It was pretty unanimous that everyone thought it was going to be a girl. However, I had a boy feeling.

I'm all about looking for "signs" when it comes to things. For example, we didn't know the sex of her first child. Georgia was her girl name and one day while I was driving I was thinking about the future baby and taking guesses in my mind as to if it was a boy or girl. I stopped at the stop sign and low and behold...I was on GEORGIA Street, it was totally a sign.

I get excited for Pottery Barn Kids magazines like most men get excited over the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. While flipping through the pages, all of a sudden a sign popped out at me. The room was a boy and girl shared room and the names Graham and Stella were on the walls. Graham was my sisters boy name and Stella is my girl name...SIGN anyone? I knew at that second that this baby was indeed a boy.

Graham was born last Monday and is cute as a button, see for yourself!

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