Monday, March 21, 2011

Chick Pics

On Sunday we took Noah for his Easter pictures. The photographer had live chicks as props, how cute is that? I was excited about getting pictures done since the last ones we had one were last year, time just flew by it seems!

I talked it up all week to Noah. I stressed that these are teeny tiny baby chicks and that we had to be very gentle with them. He was very excited to hold the chicks.

I dressed him a nice new crisp button down shirt with khakis. Within the first 2 seconds of Noah holding the chicks, the chick pooped on him! Eek! Noah took it very well and didn't care that much. I honestly think he didn't even realize.

Throughout the session, Noah got pooped on two more times. Eww! Luckily the poop was on hand me down khakis instead of his brand new pastel green shirt. Phew.

I haven't seen the pictures yet but the photographer took some great shots. She had shots of Noah having a chick on his head (no poop thank goodness!), Noah holding chicks on his shoulders and some chicks in his Easter basket.

Noah was a champ throughout the shoot, I was shocked. No screaming, no temper tantrums! It was great.

The photographer said we will get the pictures in about 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned for cuteness.

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