Saturday, February 5, 2011

"He is in control...

trust God"

Yesterday on the drive home, I decided to get off a few exits early on the interstate due to the cold and rainy weather (I'm a freak lately about driving in the rain).

This particular exit is known to have the less fortunate asking for money. Well yesterday, there was a man there holding a sign. Let me just tell you it was freezing and raining and he was just standing there with the sign. He wasn't going up to cars asking for money, he just stood there calmly.

The sign read " He is in control, trust God". It reminded me of that song by Joan Osbborne "What if God was one of us" from the 90s.

I've been having a really hard time lately with the miscarriage. I can't keep on asking myself questions daily of why it happened and more importantly, questions about the future.

For some reason, seeing this sign was kind of like a chill out for me. On the drive home I felt a sense of relief. As much of a planner I am, it's hard for things to not "work" out if I have done A, B and C to equal a D outcome. I'm a realist and not really a dreamer and focus strictly on the facts.

I need to realize that no matter how much I plan, I'm not the one fully in control. I'm anxious to see what he has planned.

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Brooke Hemmelder said...

As a fellow Type-A personality, I feel you! I've always believed that God doesn't "make" things happen to us. Instead, he's there to support us as we go through the good and the bad times and I love when he literally puts a sign right in front of us to remind us of that. For the record, I'm here to support you too! If you need anything, let me know!! I think you're doing one heck of a fabulous job in dealing with all of this. Much love to you honey :-).