Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Happy Valentines Day

Prior to this Valentines Day, my most vivid memory was back in February 2001. I was a senior in high school and Clint and I have been dating for a few months. I remember waking up to go to school in Sarah's fly Saturn and seeing a complete surprise outside. Picture 2 high school girls gushing over an oversized puppy stuffed animal, balloons and roses. Squee! Needless to say, I was very excited to have an awesome Valentines Day.

I'm not bashing any prior Valentines Day experiences over the past years but 2001 is the one that really sticks out. However, this year will be one for the books as well!

It all started with Clint calling me up around 3:30 on Friday telling me to leave early b/c of an accident on the interstate. I'm not going to lie, this made me suspicious but in an excited way. I left work maybe 15 minutes before 5. When I pulled up to the house, I noticed there were rose petals on our doormat.

Once I opened the door, there were petals and Hershey kids from the entrance to our bedroom. There were notes along the way saying "I kiss the ground you walk on!". Cheesy? Yes...but I think Valentines is an exception to where the cheesiness can be accepted.

In our bedroom the bed had a heart on it made of petals and then in the shower a note hung from the ceiling saying we had reservations that night for dinner and to hurry and get ready because he is currently dropping Noah off at his aunts. I was completely shocked by this! Clint and I don't go out much without Noah so for him to take the initiative and plan things meant so much to me. I'm the planner of the family so for something to be planned for me was awesome!

On our shower bench there was a dozed red roses and a gift certificate to the spa, it was awesome!

Clint did a great job and we had a very yummy dinner at Ruths.

What did I get him you ask? Well I gave Clint his present on actual Valentines day which was a gift certificate for a New Orleans cooking class and a gift card to Whole Foods, he loved it!

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