Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Did mommy make it?

First off, I'm super lucky that my hubby is a great cook and that he actually likes cooking. Because of this, I rarely get to cook. Clint will come behind me and do an additional stir or sprinkle in more seasoning right behind me, so I let him be the boss of the cooking. I prefer baking, so I'm the baker of the house (mmmm....cupcakes!).

Noah is a typical picky toddler when it comes to food. If it's not crackers, cookies, chips, oatmeal or yogurt he isn't a happy camper. The few exceptions of food that he will eat when we make it are spaghetti and jambalaya (naturally 'Nawlins!).

Last night we were having some chicken tenders and mac and cheese for dinner, I know real nutritious! Noah kept on noticing that I was grating the cheese for the macaroni. "Mommy, you making mac n' cheese?" he kept on asking.

Once it was time to eat, Noah actually ATE some mac and cheese! "Mommy, you make GOOD mac n' cheese!" it melted my heart! Don't give me too much credit, I really just put some shredded pepper jack cheese over some noodles.

To make it even better, Noah asked for seconds! Seconds! He never asks for seconds on anything. Think I should cook more often?

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