Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Church Goer Noah

We don't go to church very often, sorry dad. Phew, I just had to get that out there before I tell you about Noah in church this past Sunday.

Noah is at a stage where he is just WILD all the time. Is it true that 3's are harder than 2's? If so, please say a pray for us the next time you are in church.

My niece was chosen to read an essay she wrote about family at mass, so I took Noah to the service. The essay was beautifully written and very sweet, go Abigail! It was chosen from many students so it was quite an honor.

I thought Noah would behave decently at mass but boy was I wrong! Whenever everyone would sing songs he would beginning clapping at the end and say "Good job!!! Good job everyone!". Sure it was adorable, it's adorable when it's not your kid.

If we weren't standing, Noah would slide/crawl along the pew. I could feel the eyes peering on the back of my head by the many church goers behind us. Noah could care less that I kept on correcting him because he kept on talking throughout the mass and munching on animals crackers.

Once communion came along he kept on trying to talk to the altar boys from the pew "hey, what are you doing? What are you making? Can I have some?" once he saw them holding the communion.

As I held his hand going up to communion, Noah was very upset to find out he didn't get any. After he received his blessing, he kept on standing there asking the priest for his piece. I finally had to just pull him along and once we got to the pew he was very upset. "They ate it ALL? None for me? Why? I'm HUNGRY!" Noah began to scream.

Thankfully there isn't much left to mass after communion and I was so ready to "go in peace". It's so funny how Noah sees things. As we were getting in the car he said "That was funny Mommy! Can we go again?". I couldn't help but laugh.

I think next time we go we won't sit in the first pew.

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