Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pants on the ground!

This past Sunday Noah and I had a play date with some of our greatest pals. Due to the holidays, we haven't met up that much and the boys were in need of some play time.

We decided to hit up the Monkey Room since the weather wasn't cooperative for us to do an outdoor activity.

The Monkey Room is a LOT of fun and was filled with crazy toddlers running around and going down slides, it was a munchkin paradise of fun! They had a cute toddler area where Noah and Gabe would play, and a older kids area where Alton could show off his monkey skills.

Noah would go between each site but he was very nervous about the "big boy" area. Thankfully, Jenna is up for going up and down the obstacle course and would take Noah and Gabe with her. Noah gets scared and won't go alone, so Jenna was a true lifesaver.

After being there for about an hour, the boys decided it was time for a snack. So we all sat down and shared golfish, raisins and tootsie rolls. Noah was more into playing, so he wandered off to the toddler area. Alton still wanted Noah to eat snacks with him, so he went after Noah and tried to physically get him back to our little pow wow.

Noah was in mid crawl, while Alton tried to physically pull him towards him. Noah wasn't having it. All of a sudden, Alton pulled off Noahs pants! Please take note, that pants are a bit big so it wasn't Als fault. I hear Noah screaming "MOMMY! Mommy, HELP ME!". So, I glance over and there is Noah standing in the toddler area with his cords down to his ankles in his diaper. Even at 2, this is SO embarrassing for him. Once I got to him, Noah is crying big crocodile tears. Poor thing! However, it was quite hilarious.

It got me thinking of the American Idol audition. Remember?

Noah definitely looked like a fool with his pants on the ground!

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