Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I want a new tummy!

First off, I think I'm pretty lucky that we have lasted this long that Noah hasn't had a big puking episode. He turns the big 3 next month and I am really shocked we haven't had to deal with this yet.

Last week poor little Noah came down with this bug that in turn made everyone in our home and in our extended families homes...sick as a dog!

It started around 10PM Tuesday night when Clint could just smell the funk coming from his room. Poor thing was sleeping and it got every where! We stayed up the entire night with him and whenever he knew he was about to, Noah would start crying and scream "Stay in! Please stay in! I don't want to". It broke my heart!

I started to think, even in my late 20s I still hate being sick that way. How traumatizing it must be to a 2 year old! Poor baby!

I stayed home Wednesday to care for him and he seemed much better. Thursday he was super lethargic and wouldn't eat or drink anything and he told my mom "I want a new tummy, I don't want this tummy anymore!". Late Thursday Clint and I both fell ill.

I didn't leave the house from Thursday to SUNDAY! Needless to say, we were going stir crazy. We must have done all the linens in the house a couple of times during those few days.

I was so happy on Monday when Noah and I were feeling well enough to leave the house.

Hopefully Noah lasts another 2 years before another episode like this! Pass the Lysol!

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