Saturday, January 8, 2011

Big boy bed

For Christmas, Noah got a big boy bed. And let me just tell you, it's pretty awesome!!! As a child I always remember wanting those cool bed in the shape of a car, boat or a princess bed. Alas, Santa never brought me a a cool bed to sleep in.

Luckily, Noah has a pretty rockin' Santa who brought him one. The bed is in the shape of Thomas the train. The bed even has a toy box in the front, rails along the bed where you can take your train for a spin and over head is a book shelf. How cool!

Since Noah is turning 3 this year, we found that it was time for him to make the move. He never tried to escape from his crib or anything, but it just seemed like the right time to make the switch.

On Christmas Eve we had the big reveal. Noah was SO excited! His new big boy bed was in a new big boy ROOM equipped with a new train table, thomas vinyls on the wall and in a completely NEW room painted blue. This was a big transition from his nursery.

Now, since we introduced the bed we have had some rough nights. At first Noah wouldn't even lay in the bed to go to bed. He saw it more of a toy, a place to sit and read books during the day rather than a place to sleep.

He has now made the progress the lay in the bed and fall asleep on his own, but he wakes up between 2-5AM and comes and lays in our bed. It first started to be around 2AM but now it's getting closer to 5AM and we wake up at 6, so I'm hoping he is slowly learning to soothe himself back to sleep for when we come to wake him up.

I can't believe he is old enough to not be in a crib any more, where did my baby boy go? Ahh!!

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