Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Terrible Monday Morning

For starters, it is down right COLD in the Big Easy as of late. For me to say it's cold, really means it's SUPER cold to most. I'm a very warm temperature person and it doesn't take much for me to sweat, I mean glow (Southern ladies glow y'all, not sweat!).

The morning started off as a normal morning. The Starbucks line was out the wazoo! I swear if it's cold, people crave lattes. If it's a rather chilly morning it can turn a 10 minute Starbucks line into a 20 minute line...very aggravating! After waiting at least 20 minutes in the Starbucks line, I dropped Noah off and began my traffic jam of a drive to work.

I just turned on my Pandora radio station Big Tymers...yes yes I need some throw back high school rap to get my Monday morning going. I was at a dead stop for a good 10 seconds and all of a sudden my car started shaking and I heard a big BOOM. Ugh, why when I get in car accidents that I am always at a dead stop at a red light?

I got out of my car to brave the FRIGID cold and realized I didn't have much damage to my car. I haven't been in many accidents so I called Clint to see what the protocol is as to what to do next. Clint told me to call the police, "You never know, your bumper may fall off when you drive away! It's better to call" he said.

The driver was very apologetic and kept on apologizing. She said she just let her foot off the brake and she hit me. Not sure if I totally believe that b/c it wasn't a tap of a hit, it was harder than that. She couldn't have just rolled into e.

So, I then told the other driver I was calling the police. "The POLICE?!?" she said like it was a huge shock to her, obviously she wasn't happy. "Did they say how long they would take?" she asked after I got off the phone. I couldn't believe that someone who HIT ME is complaining that 1. I called the police and 2. she acts like this is cramping HER morning. Ugh. And no, the 911 operator didn't give me an ETA of the police.

So, there we sit in a VERY busy intersection to get on I-10 for a good while waiting for the police to arrive. Did I mention it was FREEZING? So we had to just sit in our car and wait for the police to arrive. I was jamming to Juvenile and Mannie Fresh for quite a while. While sitting there, my back was starting to hurt a bit. I then called one of my doctors at work and he advised me to go in because you just never know. So I decided once we wrap this up, I'll be headed to the ER.

Once the police showed up, it took a while for him to get all of our information and for him to write up the police report. He was a very nice man...but he asked me a question that just seemed a bit odd. "How young are you?" he asked. How young am I? Who asks that? He didn't ask the driver who caused the accident how young/old she was. Did he think I was a teenager? Do my Ugg boots make me look years younger? If so, I'm definitely getting more pairs! I politely answered that I'm 28.

The other driver was given a ticket and we exchanged all of our information. It was a pretty easy deal, it was just more of an aggravation that anything.

Once everything was wrapped up, I headed to the ER. The ER visit was very smooth and fast, I was rather impressed. I had to get xrays taken which turned off fine, phew. I was then given a shot for pain. I don't do well with shoots at all, so it was rather embarrassing to ask the Dr. if there was anything I could take via pill form rather than a shot. He started to giggle since hello, I am 28 and I'm trying to get out of getting a shot. He really pushed for me getting the shot and I only cried a little bit...hehe, joking!

Once discharged I headed home per doctors orders and rested for the rest of the day. Thankfully I had Sex and the City 2 at home from Netflix.

Hopefully next Monday starts out MUCH better. Maybe I should lay off the Big Tymer radio station. The driver was definitely getting her roll on. Teehee!

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