Monday, October 25, 2010

Why I hate Football...

First off just let me say that I grew up in a household with no brothers and a dad who could careless about any sort of sport. I don't have any memories of gathering around the TV to watch the Saints or the Tigers. I think because of this I don't find the need to plan my entire life around football season.

I admit that I'm a pretty avid TV watcher. I love many shows and I'm not sure how I lived 20+ years without DVR! However, I never say "Oh no, I can't go out on Thursday. I just can't miss The Office" or anything. Isn't that what DVR is for anyway? To let you live your life without being controlled by a TV and to be able to skip commercials?

I'm lucky in the sense that Clint could careless about college football. Phew! At least I have my Saturdays! However, whenever the Saints play it's a different story. I hate not being able to leave the house on Sundays, it's really cramping my style!

Even one of my best friends can't do anything when LSU or the Saints are playing. SERIOUSLY? It drives me bananas! "So, are you free next weekend?" I will ask her. Her response "Well...I'm free NEXT Tuesday". What? It drives me crazy! How do people give up their weekends for silly games? I'm only left with week days and when a BYE game is scheduled to see her. I guess I'll settle for a coffee date on a Tuesday for now.

When does the season end again?

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