Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

As cliche' as it sounds, I'm very thankful for Noah. It's crazy how one little baby can totally change your entire life. I can't imagine who I would be without him. It's hard to believe he has only been in my life for under 3 years because I can't imagine my life without him. So, there was my warm and fuzzy feelings on Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving the NOLA crew headed to Mississippi to celebrate the gobbe holiday with them. As usual my sister Robin made some wicked grits dressing and the turkey was super yummy that was prepared by my brother in law. Cheers to the hosts! The food was delicious and the company was even better.

As the kids were playing outside my sister and I attempted to get a picture of all the grandkids with my dad. Trying to get 5 kids ranging from 2.5 to 12 is pretty impossible. You can see how much of a fail this was in the pictures below.

Yep, the crazy one on the right with his tongue hanging out belongs to me. Think he was having fun on Thanksgiving with his cousins? I think it's safe to say yes.

I hope everyone gobbled till they wobbled on Thanksgiving!

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