Monday, November 1, 2010

I *try* to be creative!

Who doesn't love cupcakes? I for one adore them. Yes, I pay a ridiculous amount of money for those fancy cupcakes (mmmm!). You have to splurge on something right? I've convinced myself that it's a cheaper addiction than say drugs or gambling, so caffeine and cupcakes it is.

I've always wanted one of those cupcake towers. Since I seem to host a lot, I've dropped several hints to Clint and family members that it would be a perfect gift for me. However, nobody has seemed to catch the hint. Boo.

I follow many crafty blogs and these women post SUCH creative crafts (like making a beer bottle into a reindeer, stay tuned!). I think I'm a creative person to a point where I can follow instructions on how to make something but not creative in the sense that I can random think of great ideas for crafts. Make sense?

Well I saw a friend posted a do it yourself cupcake tower. Genius! So I decided to try it out. First, I got some cardboard boxes. I then cut out 3 circles a big one, a medium one and alas a small one. From there I took some Halloween scrapbook paper and covered the circle cardboard shapes with some hot glue. Since this tower was 3 tiers, you would place cans in between the tiers. I then covered the cans with scrapbook paper as well. For finishing touches, I hot glued a ribbon around the edges.

Since I made this one for Halloween, I obviously used Halloween paper. However, you could totally change this for any holiday or occasion. It was super easy and really cute! Check it out!

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