Friday, September 3, 2010

Noah- The Narcoleptic

Ever have a time where you just have no interest in listening to someone? Maybe you are having a bad day or you just can't stand the person. So, you think of something totally lame to get you out of the situation. You may fake a sickness, say you have a meeting to run to or act as if you get an urgent email/text.

Well these things aren't so easy for Noah to do at 2 years old. Instead, Noah just pretends that he is sleeping if he doesn't care for what you are saying or asking of him. "Noah, please eat some vegetables" Clint says at dinner and then you glance at Noah and he is "sleeping". In a flash he shuts his eyes, tilts his head to the side and begins to snore. He is now convinced that you think he is indeed sleeping.

I thought this trick of his was something he only did in our house or maybe at his grandparents. But no, Noah decided to pull this trick off at the doctors office a few weeks ago. We were going back to recheck his tubes in his ears. He was a champ for the appointment itself, but after we met up with one of the docs I work for.

So here I am pushing the stroller and everyone is engaging in conversation about Noah. Noah is then asked a question and he pulls his sleeping trick. I almost doubled over in laughter. "What's up with Noah? Is he tired? I guess he needs a nap" my doc said, I had to break the news that Noah was just ignoring him. We all agreed that we all wish we were as cute as Noah to get away with this.

So, if you see Noah and I out and he acts as if he is narcoleptic please take note that he isn't, he is just ignoring you.

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