Friday, September 24, 2010

His favorite person

Noah can fluctuate between favorite person. Some days he is totally in love with me and other days he wants nothing to do with me. Currently he is on a daddy kick. However, his #1 all time favorite person consistently for weeks now is his Nanny Mo (my sister).

Noah goes back and forth of what he calls Monique. It used to be Aunt/Nanny Mo but now it's just "neek". On most days Noah gets to see Neek when I drop him off and when I pick him up. As he walks up to the door he starts asking "Momma, Neek here? Neek home?" and once he enters the house he wanders around screaming for her until he finds where she is.

Yesterday Clint went to pick up Noah. Noah was very upset to leave and kept on begging to not leave and to stay with Neek. Clint and Monique tricked Noah saying "Oh, Neek is going to come to the car" to ease Noah from having a break down bigger than "Holy Tantrum Tuesday".

As Clint was buckling Noah up in his car seat, Noah kept on asking where Neek was. As Clint started to crank up the engine he screams "NO, Dadda wait! Neek is coming, Neek is coming!". Clint had to break the news that Neek wasn't coming and they were going home. "WHAT? Neek is coming, just wait! WAIT!!!" Noah screamed hysterically. Clint said he cried and screamed the whole car ride home.

Clint even tried to trick him with getting M&Ms from CVS. "If you calm down, we can go to CVS to get milk and M&Ms" Clint said in his best bargaining voice. "NO, I just want NEEK!" Noah hollered. There was no winning in this situation obviously. Thankfully, I didn't have to witness this tantrum b/c I was at Starbucks drinking a delicious frap and catching up with an old friend.

Once I came home Noah was passed out and Clint told me the story. Clint said "Man, I mean he never wants to see either of us like that" and I agreed. He definitely has a deep love for his Nanny Mo.

This morning I pulled up and Monique was already walking to her car. Noah was so excited and squealed "NEEK!". Monique told me she had to hurry to work this morning. Noah wasn't buying it. "I'll be right in Noah" Neek said. Once we got in the house and Noah realized his Neek wasn't coming in, he lost it.

He ran to the door and opened it up. To his surprise, he saw Neeks car driving away. "NEEK, come back NEEK!" he cried. Noah then started to bang on the glass door and tried to push it open. He was so upset that she was leaving. I had to tell him that she had to go to work and he just didn't want to hear it. The crying and hollering just became worse. Noah then fell to the floor and was kicking and screaming. I told him to calm down and he said "NO, you do it! You calm down" and he pushed me and told me then to go to work.

The terrible 2s + not seeing his Neek = a terrible start to a Friday morning for Noah.

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