Friday, July 2, 2010

Part 2!

Last weekend we took Noah to see his first movie in the theaters. We went to see Toy Story 3 of course! Was there any doubt?

I talked up going to the movies all week. Noah was excited to see “Doy Dory” as he calls it. I told him how it would be played on a super big screen and it will be dark and if he is good he can even get some candy. Mmm…magical.

That morning Noah got dressed and wore his new Buzz shirt and we headed off to the movies with Buzz and Woody in hand. At home Noah is glued to the TV when we put Toy Story on, so I thought he would be just as excited to see it in the theaters.

Well, we were somewhat wrong.

The whole experience started out by watching a grandma and grandpa take their grandson in for his 1st movie experience. The grandma taped the WHOLE ticket buying experience; I think the cashier thought she was crazy. “Wave to the ticket booth, its little Jimmy’s first movie” the old granny said oh so enthusiastically. I found it hilarious! And in a way I felt like a slacker, I didn’t even think to take a picture. I’m a terrible mother obviously.

Once we walked into the lobby Noah ooooohed and ahhhhed at everything. It was adorable. Clint took Noah into the theater while I stood in line to get the grub. I swear, it doesn’t matter how crowded the concession line is it always takes forever. Maybe it’s the germy kids debating between Sour Patch Kids and Raisinets, who knows.

I walked into the theater and I couldn’t find the boys. I stood there for about 5 seconds until I see Clint flailing his hands about. See, this is where I think the horror began (ok…it wasn’t that terrible to use horror). Clint chose to sit right in the middle of the theater. We had people in front of us and behind. If I was to choose the seats I would have chosen the seats on the side, you know the short aisles that have at the max 6 seats? Those are ideal.

So, Noah began standing up and then sitting down. During this whole process he would rock his seat and grab the poor boys in front of him. He would randomly stand up as well, good thing he is cute. Thankfully the people around us didn’t give me the evil stink eye. I felt so bad because this continued about every 10 minutes. Oy!

Finally the movie started. Whenever Noah sees the beginning of Disney movies where they show Cinderella’s castle he screams “MICKEY’S HOUSE!” . This time was no exception, so once it began he got all excited. I thought it was super cute how excited he got when he screamed about the castle...but I'm sure the other people in the theater didn't find it as cute as I did.

He watched a good 40 minutes of the movie before he became restless. Once he started losing patience I decided to move to that side aisle where he stood up the rest of the movie. I’m not sure if Clint didn’t notice at first but he stayed in his seat on the other side of the theater for quite some time. Maybe he was in a deep Toy Story concentration or he was hoping I wouldn’t notice so he didn’t have to deal with Noahs restlessness. I think it’s the latter.

Noah started to really get bugged when we ran out of popcorn and candy. Thankfully I had some cheerios in my diaper bag. Whew. Tantrum postponed and the cheerios lasted till the credits began! Score!

All in all I don’t regret taking Noah, even though at times he seemed more interested in popcorn and buncha crunch than Buzz and Woody. I can see how it can be overwhelming to a 2 year old. Maybe we will try again soon.

Next time I’ll have to bring my video camera to tape the ticket buying experience.

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