Friday, July 23, 2010

Chicken Head

My son loves hats, boots, name it! He really loves to dress up and thinks hats are just hilarious. He will be playing in his room and come out giggling while wearing a hat. It's as if it transforms him into a character.

His newest hat (which is actually a visor) is of a bird. It has a beak and everything. It's quite funny. Noah wears it around the house and randomly will break out doing the funky chicken while laughing uncontrollably.

On my most recent Target trip Noah insisted on wearing the chicken hat...err I mean visor. I kept on trying to discourage it for the fact that I would think Noah would be really embarrassed if a random person would point at him and laugh. He can get embarrassed easily and I didn't think this was a good set up. However, he just wasn't having it and he wore the hat anyway.

"Cluck cluck" Noah would say all around the store while he covered his little mouth while hysterically laughing. To my surprise not one person even glanced at us twice wearing this hat.

Since the chicken hat has been a topic of many conversations in our house, Clint remembered the "Chicken Head" song that was popular many moons ago. So last night we were all in the bedroom and Clint and I were singing the chicken head song. It was so funny. Listen to this song, I posted it below.

I think the whole point of this blog is that I should be more embarrassed being able to recite lyrics to this song than Noah wearing his chicken hat.

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Unknown said...

Love this!! One day I randomly busted outin class singing this song and my kids thought I was crazy!! Some had never heard of it. So I found it for them. They made so much fun of me! But I figure if they like Gucci Mane's "I'm a dog", they would like "Chicken Head"! 3 6 Mafia!! Memphis representin'!!! HA! Would be so funny if Noah busted out in song on yall's next trip to Target!