Friday, June 25, 2010

Slip and Slide!

Remember that old song with the lyrics:
"Come play and ride, upon my slip and slide"
Hopefully I'm not the only one to remember that song...and it's raunchy lyrics!

Anyway, that song came to mind when I was thinking for a title of this blog. Please excuse my raunchiness!

This past Sunday on Fathers Day the family gathered at my house the big event. It just wasn't Fathers Day, it was also my nephew RJ's 5th birthday! How magical!

My sister Robin brought over the slip and slide. We usually put the water table out and a sprinkler because keeping 5 kids in the house without getting bored is pretty impossible. So, I was thankful for the new idea!

Noah loves outdoor water toys but has never been on a slip and slide. Let me just tell you, Noah loved it! Noah and Deuce (my 2 year old nephew) had a blast. They were labeled the "hogs" of the slip and slide by the older cousins.

The kids were having so much fun and Clint even joined in the fun. "C'mon Mary, come and slip and slide with us" Clint said, I just laughed. I mean really think about slip and slides. You are THROWING on the hard ground. "No thank you" I replied, I'm not sure my 28 year old body would recover after the beating it would have received.

Clint was having a good time. Thankfully we had one of our outdoor toys to block the fence and be a buffer because a few times we thought he may slide off of it and go through the fence! Wouldn't that have been a great conversation to have with your neighbor? "Uhh...Sir, I'm sorry for crashing through your fence. You see, I was slip and sliding".

Anyway, a much more appropriate song to end with would be "Slip Slidin' Away" from Paul Simon. Enjoy the pics!

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