Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A week of firsts...Part 1

Last week was a week of 2 firsts for Noah! His first dentist appointment and his first time at the movies. Both major events in life, duh!

Let’s start out in chronological order and begin with his dentist visit. I’ve read online to bring your kiddo in by his 1st birthday for his 1st appointment, and then I read other articles where to not bring them in till they are 2 or 3. So, I just decided this week was just as good as any and made an appointment to bring him in.

The visit began by sitting in a waiting room with really cute under the sea themed walls. I knew we were going to have to wait a guaranteed 20 minutes for an appointment. So, Noah found some cool toys to play with and played for a while. This lasted maybe 10 minutes. After that the video games, table games and the giant TV in the room weren’t fun to him anymore.

He started trying to hang with other kids. It’s cute to see him interact…but then he started to be a somewhat bully to random kiddos! He would walk up to the cute little pig tailed girl and go “MY Buzz…MY Woody!” while he clutched onto his dolls for dear life. What the heck Noah? Why are you acting this way? I tried to distract him from the other kids, but it was short lived.

Noah then started wandering around the small waiting area and tried opening random doors. Eek! I was constantly running behind him while he screamed/whined much louder than the whisper conversations the good boys and girls were having. So, of course Noah was the loudest child in the whole office. After his continuation of screams I really thought we were going to be asked to leave. Everyone was looking at us and of course I was “that mom” again. Oy.

THANKFULLY after 40 minutes it was our turn. “Noah?” said the hygienist as she opened the door. I was so happy to get out of that waiting area. I could feel the eyes of all the judging parental units on my back. As soon as Noah realized it was time to go he then threw himself on the floor and started whining like a lunatic. I could tell in the poor hygienists face she was thinking “greaaaaaaaaat”.

I’m not going to lie, after the way he acted in the waiting area I figured this appointment was going to be a complete waste of time and money and that Noah was going to act up the whole time resulting in us leaving before they even flossed his teeth. Much to my surprise Noah was an angel during the visit, ANGEL I tell you! It helped tremendously that the hygienist was so helpful and made Noah feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. She showed him what each instrument did and explained to him what was happening before and during the cleaning.

He didn’t squirm, scream or misbehave AT ALL. I was one proud mommy for sure! We found out that Noah has all of his baby teeth and that we are due to come back every 6 months. He received a new tooth brush and some dinosaur flossers which he thought were just the next best thing since Toy Story.

His angelic behavior was short lived because once I paid the bill…he was back to his tantrum self as I begged him to please leave the office with me. “C’mon Noah, I’ll let you press the button in the elevator!” I pleaded. He didn’t care, so I had to forcefully pick him up and walk out the office. Once we got into the elevator he thought he was so big and bad with his “perfect patient” Elmo sticker on. He then reached up to the elevator button and we went down. Once we reached the bottom floor he was then hysterical for me making him leave the elevator. “MORE, peeez Mommy, MORE!” he screamed. The cleaning lady found this hilarious. Thankfully I was able to trick him to coming with me because I had a stash of those dinosaur flossers in my purse. Score! When all else fails, bribery almost always works!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Slip and Slide!

Remember that old song with the lyrics:
"Come play and ride, upon my slip and slide"
Hopefully I'm not the only one to remember that song...and it's raunchy lyrics!

Anyway, that song came to mind when I was thinking for a title of this blog. Please excuse my raunchiness!

This past Sunday on Fathers Day the family gathered at my house the big event. It just wasn't Fathers Day, it was also my nephew RJ's 5th birthday! How magical!

My sister Robin brought over the slip and slide. We usually put the water table out and a sprinkler because keeping 5 kids in the house without getting bored is pretty impossible. So, I was thankful for the new idea!

Noah loves outdoor water toys but has never been on a slip and slide. Let me just tell you, Noah loved it! Noah and Deuce (my 2 year old nephew) had a blast. They were labeled the "hogs" of the slip and slide by the older cousins.

The kids were having so much fun and Clint even joined in the fun. "C'mon Mary, come and slip and slide with us" Clint said, I just laughed. I mean really think about slip and slides. You are THROWING on the hard ground. "No thank you" I replied, I'm not sure my 28 year old body would recover after the beating it would have received.

Clint was having a good time. Thankfully we had one of our outdoor toys to block the fence and be a buffer because a few times we thought he may slide off of it and go through the fence! Wouldn't that have been a great conversation to have with your neighbor? "Uhh...Sir, I'm sorry for crashing through your fence. You see, I was slip and sliding".

Anyway, a much more appropriate song to end with would be "Slip Slidin' Away" from Paul Simon. Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Holy Tantrum Tuesday!

Wow, Noah must have woken up on the wrong side of the crib. He was such a crab this morning. While I get ready for work I always put on one of his shows (either Yo Gabba Gabba or Toy Story) so I can have some peace while I put on my makeup and do my hair.

This morning I decided to feed into his Toy Story obsession and let him watch a good 20 minutes of it while I got ready. Once I was ready I told Noah it was time to go and he flipped out. He got irate and started screaming and throwing himself on the ground. "NO, YOU stop it! YOU stop it!" he screamed while I begged him to please go to the car. He carried on for a few more seconds before I started to lose my patience.

"Please Noah, Mommy will let you listen to the Movers in the car" I said...oh he didn't care he just began screaming and losing it even more. So there I am standing there holding his Buzz and Woody, my purse and a drink in my hands. I begged him once last time and he ran into his room.

I went into his room and asked him to come on and he threw himself on his chair and said "NO!!!!". I felt the only way I was going to get out of the house and to work on time was to actually pick him up and bring him to the car. So, the cat and mouse adventure began!

I reached down to pull him off the chair and he leaned forward to me and slapped me right across my face. Nice! My patience was non existent at this point obviously. Since I was stunned and shocked by the slap he had time to escape! He then ran into the living room. I ran closely after him and saw him on one side of the room. I ran to that side and then he ran back to his room. We did this whole cat and mouse routine for a good 3x before I really blew my top.

Know when you walk by someones house and you hear someone yell at their kids and think "Oh gosh, what a terrible mother!"? Well that was me around 7:45AM. I tried to do a stern tone while I yelled at Noah to PLEASE go to the car. He was scared/shocked by my scary tone. He didn't buy it at all. So I then picked him up and headed out the door to the car.

Then he began telling me I was the "mean mommy" and was crying for his Da-da as I was buckling him in his car seat. The crying for Da-da and the mean mommy comments lasted the whole time in the car through the Starbucks line and till my parents house. Oh how much fun you can have before a work day begins!

Just for your viewing enjoyment and you can see how Noah is during a tantrum, see below. This is a picture of him last summer (around 18 months) when he was losing it!

Friday, June 4, 2010


For quite some time now Noah has been attached to this small plush Tigger that we bought in Disney World. Tigger would come with us randomly to Target, out to eat and always to my parents house daily. Noah would insist on Tigger sleeping with him nightly as well.

Well lately Noah is obsessed with anything Toy Story. Thanks to Disney, it's everywhere! I guess I never noticed how much marketing is targeted at children. You can get a Buzz or Woody item in just about anything you desire. A kaleidoscope? Sure...what about a box of Rice Krispies? You got it, I swear they are on everything!

We currently don't own the movies, he has only seen it when we watched it with Netflix. So, it doesn't help that Noah has no idea that commercials are just that a commercial and not the full length movie. If a commercial comes on with the characters he flips out and get so excited, but after that short clip he freaks out saying "More...MORE!"

Like any good mother does, I fed into his obsession and purchased a Buzz doll at the Disney Store last weekend. I thought Buzz was enough and that we didn't indeed need all the characters. Noah begged to differ. We were that screaming duo in the store where every parent just thinks "Oh my child never acts like that".

Noah started picking up random toys and just throwing them around the store. It was quite embarrassing. So what did I do? Oh, I tried to find the same sized Woody doll as well. Of course they didn't have it! All they had was the big Woody doll, and sorry Walt I wasn't paying for the big cowboy.

So since we headed to check out with just Buzz and not his BFF Woody, Noah was hysterical. I stuck to my guns and left with just Buzz. I promised Noah that if Woody was at the Disney Store in Gulfport that I would buy it for him.

At my outlet trip over the weekend I found Woody...the exact same size as Buzz. Perfect! I gave it to Noah and he was thrilled.

So now whenever we leave the house Tigger, Buzz and Woody all have to come. What an entourage we have!