Monday, May 10, 2010

I love you more than cookies

Yesterday was Mothers Day, how fabulous! Noah did a great job on the present front. Last week we picked out my new camera and I have to say, it's pretty fancy! I've always had just simple point and shoot cameras and they have always done the job of taking simple pictures. Every year or so I felt like I need to "upgrade" my current camera b/c well it would just start sucking.

Clint decided to invest a little more than usual into a camera. This camera has 12.1 mega pixels and a great zoom. I can definitely tell a difference between this camera and my last camera. I'm still holding onto my old camera though since my new one is kinda bulky it may be easier to put in my purse for random outings.

But anyway, enough about the camera talk! Clint let me sleep in yesterday and when I woke up there was a dozen red roses on the counter. All together now: Aww! How sweet! Noah then brought me cards. Clint gave me a sappy card (I'm a sucker for sappy cards and he knows it) and Noah gave me a fun card that fit him perfectly. It had Cookie Monster on it and inside was written "I love you more than cookies!". Teehe! Super cute.

I thought the camera was more than enough but there was another gift to be opened. I'm obsessed with those clay plaque thingies they sell at Hallmark and what not of all the NOLA landmarks. I have ones of the schools I attended and where Clint and I had our wedding ceremony. There are so many I want but Clint err I mean Noah picked out a great one! Jax Brewery! Our reception was at the Riverview Room so this is perfect. I can't wait to hang it up!

After the present exchange we went to breakfast. We headed to La Madeline and had a great meal outside on the patio overlooking the beautiful street that is Severn. Ha! Then, we ran a few errands and Noah and I took a ride to Starbucks. Noah fell asleep in the car and I tried to place him on the couch for the remainder of his nap but he wasn't having it. I had to hold him. So, there I was sitting in a chair dying to drink my Starbucks but had a big toddler in my lap.

The lights were off and I just enjoyed snuggling with him. This is what Mothers Day is all about, eh? I began to think of how next year he may be too big to fit in my lap and be held. I can't believe how big he is getting and all the things he can do this year that he couldn't last year. He is truly amazing, I love being his mommy.

After his nap, we headed on over to my Aunt's to celebrate with everyone. It was a fun day even though the pool was frigid! I know the kids had a blast and the food was super yummy. It's great to be so close to a family that everyone gets together for just about everything! It was a great Mothers Day!

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