Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The end of an era!

My daily ritual consists of going to Starbucks in the morning. I just love their frozen delicious frappucinos. My favorite by far is the coffee frappucino, but I also have a love for caramel and peppermint mocha but only during the holidays...YUM!

Over the weekend we went to Starbucks and I ordered my coffee light frapp. The first sip I took was disgusting. Bleh! "What the heck is this?" I said to Clint. I described the nasty flavor of my old beloved drink. He said he would go back inside and get them to remake it.

So, off he went. He came back with another frapp. This one was a little bit better but not even close to the old frapp I've loved for many years. Clint was told about the new frapps. The barista told him that people won't stop complaining and to write to corporate. I then went home and fired up the laptop to write my complaint.

I received an email back yesterday saying they are going to send me coupons to explore and find my own great combination for the frapps. I'm willing to try to find a new favorite combination but I will wait until I get those coupons because they even raised the price! I'm so upset with you Starbucks!

I'll now go to PJ's right across Vets and get their Velvet Ice for my frozen coffee obsession. Not to be a Starbucks hater because they do make an awesome iced skinny vanilla latte.

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