Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boys will be boys

What is with boys and farting? Seriously...even my 2 year old thinks farting is the best thing since sliced bread. He finds it to be hilarious! Randomly he will pose in a stance and make a fart noise with this mouth and then cover his little mouth with his hands while he laughs hysterically.

This past weekend my friend Jenna and her son came over. Alton and Noah are 10 months apart. Seems like Alton also thinks farts are extremely funny. Whenever an awkward sound would be made he would ask "Did you just fart? Who farted?". At one point he even asked if we were "farters".

So is this what my future has in store for me? For little boys to have a fascination with farts? Who am I husband still thinks farts are humorous. I guess I just have to get used to living with farters!


JennySays said...

hahaha i think farts are hilarious! Unless they turn to sharts....ew....then the funny is over quick

Unknown said...

Oh Mary! Just wait!! Jay nows tries to blame other people or the dog on his farts!! And they are awful and I always know that they are his!! I will ask him if he farted and he will grin and say yes. He knows he is suppose to say excuse me, but I always have to ask him, "what are you suppose to say?" He will then say it!! He also LOVES when Jackson poops!! He always comes and checks out the diaper when I am changing him and will ask everytime, "Did Jackson poop?"

Micropreemie Mom said...

OH gosh Amy, that's hilarious!!!