Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bubble time!

What is it with kids and bubbles? Just walk down any kids aisles in a store and you are bound to stumble upon many items to do with bubbles such as bubble guns, bubble wands and bubble machines just to name a few. It's easy to say that most kids adore bubbles.

My son is no exception to this rule. In our backyard you can find a kiddie coaster, a water table, a bike and countless toys that cost more than a 99 cent pack of bubbles...and you can guess what he chooses. Bubbles!

This past Friday when I got home from work we headed outside to play in the heat (seriously it's so hot and it's only May!). I filled up a container of bubbles and Noah went to town with his bubble gun. I swear he sat there for a good half hour blowing bubbles.

What is with bubbles that brings so much happiness to little kids? Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of bubbles. As a child I loved going to the Childrens Museum in New Orleans and getting in the giant tire filled with bubbles where you pull the bubbles and surround your self in a bubble. It was a great time!

Whenever I see Noah so happy with bubbles I always think back to the quote in Knocked Up.

Pete: I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles.
Ben Stone: That's sad.
Pete: Totally sad. Their smiling faces just point out your inability to enjoy anything.

And just like the movie...I wish I enjoyed anything as much as Noah loves bubbles! A close comparision: Starbucks!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boys will be boys

What is with boys and farting? Seriously...even my 2 year old thinks farting is the best thing since sliced bread. He finds it to be hilarious! Randomly he will pose in a stance and make a fart noise with this mouth and then cover his little mouth with his hands while he laughs hysterically.

This past weekend my friend Jenna and her son came over. Alton and Noah are 10 months apart. Seems like Alton also thinks farts are extremely funny. Whenever an awkward sound would be made he would ask "Did you just fart? Who farted?". At one point he even asked if we were "farters".

So is this what my future has in store for me? For little boys to have a fascination with farts? Who am I husband still thinks farts are humorous. I guess I just have to get used to living with farters!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I love you more than cookies

Yesterday was Mothers Day, how fabulous! Noah did a great job on the present front. Last week we picked out my new camera and I have to say, it's pretty fancy! I've always had just simple point and shoot cameras and they have always done the job of taking simple pictures. Every year or so I felt like I need to "upgrade" my current camera b/c well it would just start sucking.

Clint decided to invest a little more than usual into a camera. This camera has 12.1 mega pixels and a great zoom. I can definitely tell a difference between this camera and my last camera. I'm still holding onto my old camera though since my new one is kinda bulky it may be easier to put in my purse for random outings.

But anyway, enough about the camera talk! Clint let me sleep in yesterday and when I woke up there was a dozen red roses on the counter. All together now: Aww! How sweet! Noah then brought me cards. Clint gave me a sappy card (I'm a sucker for sappy cards and he knows it) and Noah gave me a fun card that fit him perfectly. It had Cookie Monster on it and inside was written "I love you more than cookies!". Teehe! Super cute.

I thought the camera was more than enough but there was another gift to be opened. I'm obsessed with those clay plaque thingies they sell at Hallmark and what not of all the NOLA landmarks. I have ones of the schools I attended and where Clint and I had our wedding ceremony. There are so many I want but Clint err I mean Noah picked out a great one! Jax Brewery! Our reception was at the Riverview Room so this is perfect. I can't wait to hang it up!

After the present exchange we went to breakfast. We headed to La Madeline and had a great meal outside on the patio overlooking the beautiful street that is Severn. Ha! Then, we ran a few errands and Noah and I took a ride to Starbucks. Noah fell asleep in the car and I tried to place him on the couch for the remainder of his nap but he wasn't having it. I had to hold him. So, there I was sitting in a chair dying to drink my Starbucks but had a big toddler in my lap.

The lights were off and I just enjoyed snuggling with him. This is what Mothers Day is all about, eh? I began to think of how next year he may be too big to fit in my lap and be held. I can't believe how big he is getting and all the things he can do this year that he couldn't last year. He is truly amazing, I love being his mommy.

After his nap, we headed on over to my Aunt's to celebrate with everyone. It was a fun day even though the pool was frigid! I know the kids had a blast and the food was super yummy. It's great to be so close to a family that everyone gets together for just about everything! It was a great Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Seems like everyone had a baby this month...seriously! I can't log onto Facebook and not see adorable little faces of newborns. Don't get me wrong, I am super happy for my friends to have their babies. However, it is giving me some serious baby fever!

How could seeing the precious faces NOT make you want another beautiful baby?!? Ahh the newborn stage, how I miss you! I miss the little smiles, the certain scent a baby has and not to mention the adorable cuddle time. Hopefully I will see some of these babies soon and get my baby fix!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The end of an era!

My daily ritual consists of going to Starbucks in the morning. I just love their frozen delicious frappucinos. My favorite by far is the coffee frappucino, but I also have a love for caramel and peppermint mocha but only during the holidays...YUM!

Over the weekend we went to Starbucks and I ordered my coffee light frapp. The first sip I took was disgusting. Bleh! "What the heck is this?" I said to Clint. I described the nasty flavor of my old beloved drink. He said he would go back inside and get them to remake it.

So, off he went. He came back with another frapp. This one was a little bit better but not even close to the old frapp I've loved for many years. Clint was told about the new frapps. The barista told him that people won't stop complaining and to write to corporate. I then went home and fired up the laptop to write my complaint.

I received an email back yesterday saying they are going to send me coupons to explore and find my own great combination for the frapps. I'm willing to try to find a new favorite combination but I will wait until I get those coupons because they even raised the price! I'm so upset with you Starbucks!

I'll now go to PJ's right across Vets and get their Velvet Ice for my frozen coffee obsession. Not to be a Starbucks hater because they do make an awesome iced skinny vanilla latte.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hot hot hot!!!

As we walked outside today Noah said "hot" as he raised his arms in the airin quite a fit. "HOT momma, hot!" he screamed as we walked to the car. Yes, it's only May 4th and even a 2 year old knows how hot it is outside.

Ahh summers in I loathe you! Seriously, I do. I hate when you walk outside and you feel as if you are the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz melting your freshly put makeup on your face. And your hair...OH the hair. Forget trying to make your hair look cute at all, save yourself the favor and just throw it up in a pony tail.

After work today I decided to take Noah on a wagon ride. We didn't even make it down half the block when I noticed Noahs bangs were stuck to his head from sweat and his cheeks rosey red. He said "hot" and I just knew we were done. Seems like Noah hates the heat as much as I do!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

But if you try sometimes well you just might find, You get what you need!

There are times where I just see other peoples lives and, I wish I could do that, or go there or have that experience. You know things like go to happy hour, take a girls weekend to the beach or stay out all night dancing. Those days are long behind me but sometimes I get a bit envious of those people who still live most of their days and weekends doing the such.

Then...I think back to that good ol' Rolling Stones song. You can't always get what you want BUT I do know that I have what I need. I have incredible parents, loving sisters, a hard working husband, fantastic friends and an out of this world son.

So the times where other people are going to happy hour, I am outside pulling a toddler in a wagon. Instead of going on girls weekends, I'm taking trips with my extended family of 13. Oh, and those weekends dancing in the club are replaced with going to the zoo and potty training.

After reflecting on my life, I have come to realize that I'm glad those times are now past me. I have many exciting things to look forwad to. However, I do cheerish my girls nights. Margaritas anyone?